Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Hi everyone
I'm so sorry I couldn't write for such a long time. I've been working a lot on the theater (a dance theater -I'm really happy I got this but, on the other hand, I'm back to intern wage...oh well...), especially cause I was in a probation period, but since yesterday she told me I'm really staying and I defined my schedule.
The blog ends up being the least priority when you have to work, go to classes, do house chores, spend time with your fiance, give some attention to your family back there....it's hard!!!
Also I don't think I have too many "picturesque" stories anymore, I still got lots of "issues" for sure, but they're far more boring than the previous ones, so I don't think anybody would be really thrilled to come back...hehehehe I don't know.... I just think I'm gonna stop writing for a while...(this way you know you don't have to check back everyday to see if I'm still alive! hehe), but I'll really try to keep in touch with the closest friends, just be patient with me please!!!
Thanks for having followed and cheered me untill now.
(edit: I hated how it sounded like an old woman's complain...whatever....)